Coastworker 25 and 30

COASTWORKER BOATS are manufactured by BVD Marine Ltd, a company based on the Isle of Wight which also has a workshop in Southampton.  BVD Marine started out originally as Aberdeen Boat Centre in 1988 and has been involved in the offshore industry for many years.  Michael Brackenbury who is the Managing Director started work in the offshore industry in 1975 when the North Sea was in the exploration phase.  He gathered a wealth of knowledge regarding high speed craft for rapid intervention, firefighting, fast rescue, diving and other associated operations which were required at that time.

Since then the requirements for small boats offshore have developed and a different breed of support boat is now in demand.  Performance and fuel economy are now of paramount importance and high speed, lightweight, high capacity boats which are able to run for long periods without refuelling are now required for the ever-expanding offshore industry.

Although widely used in the past, rigid inflatable boats or RIBs as they are better known, are no longer able to satisfy all the requirements needed offshore.  Hard boats or rigid craft in materials such as aluminium are becoming far more popular and are proving that a versatile boat with large deck space and load carrying capabilities can perform better than the RIBs currently available which have somewhat limited deck space and inflatable collars which are vulnerable to punctures and changes in air temperature.

A heavy duty workboat with solid fendering and a forward cabin or cuddy has a great deal more scope than an open RIB.  With a carefully designed hull providing good seakeeping characteristics and greater stability, the COASTWORKER 25 range of COASTWORKER BOATS has many advantages over conventional craft.  Twin diesel engines, large fuel tanks and ample protection for the crew are all features of COASTWORKER 25 BOATS. The smaller COASTWORKER workboats have single diesel installations

The COASTWORKER 25 is fitted with two Hyundai 2.2L 170HP diesel engines driving through Mercruiser Bravo 1X sterndrives with counter-rotating propellers.  This set up provides enormous acceleration and a high top speed well in excess of 30 knots, while allowing the boat to cruise at 20 knots for some 10 hours, giving it a range of almost 200 nautical miles.  It also has huge pulling power for towing either other boats or oil spill containment devices which need rapid deployment.  Its light displacement of approx. 2 tons makes it ideal for deployment from a mother ship or for easy transportation by road trailer.  Its versatility as an all-round general purpose workboat means that it can perform a multitude of roles.  Its rugged construction means that it will take some considerable punishment but in the event of damage, can be easily and quickly repaired and put back into operation with the minimum of down time.

COASTWORKER BOATS have the option of being fitted with either inboard petrol or diesel engines, or single or twin outboard petrol engines, depending on the precise needs of the customer.

BVD Marine plan to build larger prototype versions of approximately 30 and 35 feet in length that will all have the same dynamic features with the additional advantage of being able to be custom built to suit each prospective customer’s specific requirements.

More Information & Pricing

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All prices subject to change without notice

Prices are based on customer requirements and specification, but bare hull & superstructure start from £39,000 + VAT.

Specification Coastworker 25 Coastworker 30
Length 25’ (7.6m) 30’ (9.2m)
Beam 9’6” (2.9m) 10’6” (3.2m)
Draft 2’6” (0.76m) 3’ (0.9m)
Weight (ex engine) 1.25 tonnes (hull and superstructure only) 1.8 tonnes (hull & superstructure only)
Max engine size 340hp (twin 170hp) 540hp (twin 270hp)

coastworkerCoastworker 25 and 30